April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month Learn More

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Supporting Survivors: TCS Activities During SAAM

During SAAM, various TCS activities take place to promote understanding and advocating for sexual assault and violence victims and survivors. This includes events, campaigns, educational programs, fundraisers, social media campaigns, and community outreach efforts.

Our Voice Matters

The goal is to bring attention to the importance of Sexual assault and violence and encourage people to take action, whether it be through donations, volunteering, advocacy, or simply spreading awareness.

Ways for you to get involved:

TCS Art Fete Event

Celebrate art and self- expression and support survivors for SAAM. Come and see our exhibits from local artists.

Art is a way to reclaim what has been lost. Let’s come together and appreciate the beauty around us.

  • April 27th from 5-7pm EST
  • Location: The Striped Pig Distillery (2225 Old School Drive A, North Charleston, SC 29405)
  • Tickets: $25


Tri-County S.P.E.A.K.S. offers comprehensive resources for sexual assault survivors, including counseling, support groups, legal advocacy, medical assistance, and a 24-hour crisis hotline. We also conduct community education programs and outreach services to raise awareness and prevent sexual violence.

Donation Options & Fundraising Goals

Learn more about how your contributions make a difference! Discover how the funds raised are allocated to provide direct aid, support research initiatives, enhance educational programs, and drive other mission-driven activities. Understand the impact of your donations and how administrative costs are managed to ensure efficient operations and maximize the reach of our organization’s initiatives. Get involved today and be a part of creating lasting positive change in our community!

Please contact us for any information for inquiries or partnerships.

Get involved and make a difference! Explore our sponsorship opportunities today to showcase your business or organization at our upcoming event. Contact us now for more information on how you can support and be a part of this exciting event!